Brother Up In Heaven

Here's a post from my old blog that was focused on music. 
Originally posted on December 17, 2009

This has long been one of my very favorite songs because of the emotions it invokes. For me, this song works on a couple of levels. I think the most common one is of losing a close friend or brother in war or otherwise. I first heard this song as a teenager and had never lost a brother or a friend to death. So for me this song became an anthem of friendship. I often think of this song when I part ways with very close friends. This song really captures the loneliness and longing that accompany such a parting, whatever the circumstances (I still see his shadow; his laugh lingers on/When I dream we are back together; when I wake he is gone). Also, it espouses the hope that we will be reunited with our loved ones someday.

In addition to lovely sentiments, this song poses a thought provoking question: “Why do men with so much hate destroy what they cannot create while we all stand by?”

Questions for discussion and comments:
  • Does anyone know what inspired this song?
  • What is your favorite song about friendship/brotherhood?


  1. Touching song, I'm glad I listened to it. I can't imagine dealing with a loss like that.


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