Thoughts from Sunday school

As we discussed the Savior's Atonement today in church, I couldn't help but think how incredibly lonely the Savior must have been during the agony of His suffering. As Elder Holland testified, "Because Jesus walked such a long, lonely path utterly alone, we do not have to do so." I am grateful for Jesus Christ. I hope that we all will seek to follow Him more earnestly and partake of the peace He offers.


The night was deep and the silence was thick
As the Maker of man and the Builder of worlds
Tread onward alone and fell on His face
To fulfill God's will and to bring about Grace.

But Sunday will come! Sunday will come!
The thought lends hope to the downcast and weary.
The day dawn will break and the darkest of nights
Will end with the birth of renewing light.

The lightning raged in a billowing surge,
And shadows of crosses were cast on the ground.
"Oh, Father above forsakest Thou me?"
Cried the loneliest man as He hung on a tree.

But Sunday will come! Sunday will come!
The thought lends hope to the abandoned and lost.
The soul now rejected by loved ones and kin
Will feel the dear love of close friends once again.

It came! It came! And because it did
Our Sundays come, too, and give us the strength
To wait out the storms, betrayal and fear,
Knowing deep down that our Savior is near.


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