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Waking up the world with music

A young musician sets out to get the sun up and wake up the world by playing his violin. Produced and directed by Filmed on location in Eagle Mountain, Utah.
Violinist: Tyler Smith -
Cinematographer: Ben Thompson -

Music: MONTI: Czardas

So begins the waiting

Today I found out that I have been put on the wait list for acceptance into BYU's MPA program for next Fall. While this is better than flat out rejection, it's pretty much the same thing unless the people ahead of me change their minds.

So, what will I be doing while I wait?
Apply for every job I can discoverKeep waiting to hear back from the other program I applied toWait with the small hope that some people decide not to matriculate Finish out my last semester with an academic bang This is an exciting time, and I can't wait to see where I'll end up in the next couple of years!

Variations on a Theme by Thomas Tallis

Here's a post from my old blog that was focused on music. 
Originally posted on December 22, 2009

This song is beautiful, and it works for me as a musical allegory of God’s plan for the happiness and eventual salvation of His children.
The score includes parts for two string orchestras and a quartet. The song begins with a lengthy and nebulous introduction. Think of it as the creation, think of it as a description of the eternal realms of pre-mortal life, think of it as what you will. Think of it perhaps as an overture to our mortal experiences on Earth. Or maybe these are the sounds that accompanied God’s explanation of the plan, coming to a climax as He explained the offering of His Son as our Savior (starting right around 3:05). If I had to pick a moment that describes when we accepted the plan, it would be the phrases beginning at 4:00. At 4:10 we begin our entrance into mortal life, complete with its struggles. The next section features themes presented by the second, smaller orc…

Tyler Smith | What's in a name?

Your name identifies you to the world. Unless your name happens to be Tyler Smith. I think I take a close second after John Smith in the contest of most common names in America. I think we Tyler's could constitute our own demographic in important surveys.

Several people have found their way onto this website by performing a search for "tyler smith meaning." Either they know a Tyler Smith that is difficult to understand or they are working on a high school writing assignment for which they are required to report on the meaning of their name. Well, Tyler's, I have some bad news for you. While completing that exact assignment in the 10th grade, I discovered the sad truth that our name is devoid of any real, intellectual meaning or cool linguistic symbolism. Let me explain:

"Tyler" comes from "tiler" which (brace yourselves) is someone who lays tile.

"Smith" doesn't really come from anything that I know of. It's just kind of the defa…

Digital delight | downgrading

The Experience

Feast your eyes on this beauty. This is the smart phone I bought last week...and that I'm returning to the store tomorrow. Don't get me wrong; the time I spent with this phone was exhilarating, productive, and just plain awesome. It worked (for the most part) like a charm and allowed me to experience the convenience of having my calendars, email, text messaging, internet, etc., etc., etc. in the palm of my hand.

So why on earth am I returning this fabulous product?

No, really? I happen to be a heavy user of Google applications, and rely on them to help organize my life. This was an opportunity to have it all in the palm of my hand. Now I'm giving it up and returning to my plain, old cell phone.

The problem is that I loved it too much! I've been known to enjoy chatting in Gmail, but having Gmail chat in my hand 24/7 was just too much! I couldn't resist starting up conversations with whomever happened to be online every time I glanced at my phone. I…