Tyler Smith | What's in a name?

Your name identifies you to the world. Unless your name happens to be Tyler Smith. I think I take a close second after John Smith in the contest of most common names in America. I think we Tyler's could constitute our own demographic in important surveys.

Several people have found their way onto this website by performing a search for "tyler smith meaning." Either they know a Tyler Smith that is difficult to understand or they are working on a high school writing assignment for which they are required to report on the meaning of their name. Well, Tyler's, I have some bad news for you. While completing that exact assignment in the 10th grade, I discovered the sad truth that our name is devoid of any real, intellectual meaning or cool linguistic symbolism. Let me explain:

"Tyler" comes from "tiler" which (brace yourselves) is someone who lays tile.

"Smith" doesn't really come from anything that I know of. It's just kind of the default last name for orphans and other people who want to remain anonymous. This name simply denotes a certain trade, most often that of blacksmith.

All together, our name means something like, "One who professionally lays tile because he is a master of the trade of laying tile." In our case, Smith probably refers to the talented, but never heralded class of tile smiths.

It is a noble profession, and many a remodeled bathroom would fail to come into being without us.

Now, Tyler's, I recognize this may come as a disappointment to some of you who have friends with names like John (God's grace), Alex (defender, warrior), and David (beloved). Even the name Harold (army ruler) has a cooler meaning.

Personally, I love my name! Some find having a common name to be a bore. I take a different approach. I love meeting other Smiths, and even more if their name is Tyler. It's like an instant conversation piece, and a quick way to feel connected to others.

Source: Think Baby Names.com


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