Waking up the world with music

A young musician sets out to get the sun up and wake up the world by playing his violin. Produced and directed by http://davidscoville.blogspot.com. Filmed on location in Eagle Mountain, Utah.
Violinist: Tyler Smith - http://www.alltyler.com
Cinematographer: Ben Thompson - http://btoddthompson.com

Music: MONTI: Czardas


  1. I'd like to hear your experience, as the main character, about producing this commercial.

  2. You wake up those cows Tyler!
    Impressive job!

  3. Well, one day David played this song for me and told me about his idea. He had it pretty much planned out before we even started working on it. I scouted those awesome fields whilst I was busy spraying pesticide for my summer job.

    I insisted that if he was going to make a violin video, it should be as accurate as possible (most movies do a terrible job of syncing the footage with the soundtrack when it comes to strings). So I ended up learning the last minute of the song and playing it over and over and over again in the middle of that beautiful valley. I got to wear a nice tux and makeup, too. We did at least one take of the whole song segment for each shot, so by the end of the shoot my fingers were pretty tired.

    I think David's video turned out great, but I was just happy to be living the dream...Playing my violin in open fields to the rising sun while wearing a tuxedo! I think every violinist has fantasized about that at least once...right?


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