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How to find happiness

It's true. Reaching outward to serve others is a sure way to be happy. I know that this is a true principle.

Ironically, I am complacent and lack the motivation I need to improve myself when I think more about myself than others. However, when I focus on the happiness of those around me, self-improvement follows naturally. You cannot help becoming more like Christ when you serve others with a glad heart.
When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God.  -Mosiah 2:17

Life 2.0

Tonight I had a fascinating conversation with my friend David and his lovely wife about the complexities of social media. How necessary is it? How much is too much? What good can be accomplished through it? Do we damage our humanity when the majority of our interactions occur digitally?

This satirical film hints at some implications of society's growing dependence on social media. The advantages of social media and rapidly developing technology are apparent, but there are two sides to every coin.  The effect of social media on one's spirituality interests me more than any other aspect of the phenomenon. This topic is extremely relevant in our world, and I find myself grappling with it almost daily (See Digital Delight | downgrading).

I've started a list of questions to help gauge my use of all kinds of media, particularly the social kind. I'm sharing this list to help articulate my own position. As I continue to search for balance in life, I hope these questions will h…

My first corporate experience

I recently started my new job at 4Life Research. This job differs a lot from other jobs I've held recently. For starters, it's a permanent full-time job. It's located far from where I live, so I get to commute. Best of all, it has benefits!

Giants cont.

Living in between worlds is inefficient and detrimental to one's progress.
Choose a world and commit yourself to it.
Run, Jack, run! Run down the beanstalk as fast as you can!
Leave the riches and the harp. Leave it all and run!
Chop down the beanstalk!
Never plant a magic bean again. Don't even toss one out the widow.

Giants in the sky

Here are some words to ponder from the musical "Into the Woods". This musical is laden with thought-provoking truths. I don't want to say too much about this song, but it opened up a whole new world to me today as I listened to it. I considered the excitement that often comes when straying from a path I know. Such detours often lead to fun and excitement, but there is usually some kind of danger involved...perhaps spiritual danger, more often than not. As you listen, consider the feelings you experience when you want more than you should, and you try to take it. Consider the consequences of straying from the boundaries that keep us safe. Consider how nice it is to return to safe paths and to experience the accompanying relief. And consider the part of you that longs for those forbidden paths...the part of you that yearns to live "in between" worlds.
Context: Jack (of the tale Jack and the Beanstalk) is reflecting here on the consequences of his actions. He clim…