Giants in the sky

Here are some words to ponder from the musical "Into the Woods". This musical is laden with thought-provoking truths. I don't want to say too much about this song, but it opened up a whole new world to me today as I listened to it. I considered the excitement that often comes when straying from a path I know. Such detours often lead to fun and excitement, but there is usually some kind of danger involved...perhaps spiritual danger, more often than not. As you listen, consider the feelings you experience when you want more than you should, and you try to take it. Consider the consequences of straying from the boundaries that keep us safe. Consider how nice it is to return to safe paths and to experience the accompanying relief. And consider the part of you that longs for those forbidden paths...the part of you that yearns to live "in between" worlds.

Context: Jack (of the tale Jack and the Beanstalk) is reflecting here on the consequences of his actions. He climbed the beanstalk, made friends with a lady giant, was wooed by her "care", and eventually scared back to his own world by the realization the the giants wanted nothing more than to eat him. Of course, he couldn't go back without stealing a few items for his mother.

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Giants in the Sky 
(I've highlighted some of the words that caught my attention.)

There are Giants in the sky!
There are big tall terrible Giants
in the sky!

When you're way up high
And you look below
At the world you left
And the things you know,
Little more than a glance
Is enough to show
You just how small you are.

When you're way up high
And you're own your own
In a world like none
That you've ever known,
Where the sky is lead
And the earth is stone,

You're free, to do
Whatever pleases you,
Exploring things you'd never dare
'Cause you don't care,

When suddenly there's

A big tall terrible Giant at the door,
A big tall terrible lady Giant
sweeping the floor.
And she gives you food
And she gives you rest
And she draws you close
To her Giant breast,
And you know things now
that you never knew before,

Not till the sky.

Only just when you've made
A friend and all,
And you know she's big
But you don't feel small,
Someone bigger than her
Comes along the hall
To swallow you for lunch.

And you heart is lead
And your stomach stone
And you're really scared
Being all alone...

And it's then that you miss
All the things you've known
And the world you've left
And the little you own-

The fun is done.
You steal what you can and run.
And you scramble down
And you look below,
And the world you know
Begins to grow:

The roof, the house, and your Mother at the door.
The roof, the house and the world you never thought to explore.
And you think of all of the things you've seen,
And you wish that you could live in between,
And you're back again,
Only different than before,

After the sky.

There are Giants in the sky!
There are big tall terrible awesome scary wonderful
Giants in the sky!


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