The big move

I moved out when I was 18. But it wasn't far.

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Now I am moving away. Farther than before.

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I am super excited! I appreciate variety when it comes to weather, but I must admit that the prospect of living in a city where the temperature is always, well, perfect, has me chomping at the bit.

So if you like beaches, perfect weather, whales, rocky coasts, seafood, and me, please come visit! I will be happy to see you, and I'm sure you won't have a hard time enjoying yourself.

The purpose of the move is to attend school at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. I am extremely excited to study at such a diverse place and to be surrounded by bright, talented people who share my interests. I have always wanted to earn a Master's degree (I think because my dad did), and now that dream is coming true!


  1. Po moemy, your move to Russia was a little farther than Monterey... just maybe.
    That's great, Tyler. What will your Master's be in?

  2. You are right! Russia is farther. I guess it didn't seem as permanent, being a mission and all.

    I will be a candidate for a Master of Translation and Localization Management degree. It's a mouthful, I know. Basically, it's part translation, part business, and part technology.


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