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Top of a roller coaster

You know this feeling?

That is what I'm feeling. Right now. Tomorrow is the big day--the day I leave the place I've lived my whole life (except those two years in Russia).

When it comes to roller coasters, I'm a screamer. There is no greater feeling than to scream your guts out as you hurtle down a drop that has your stomach coming out of your eyeballs. Now THAT is what I call enjoying life.

So I'm taking the same approach with this life changing move. I am SO excited that I can hardly stand it. Basically, tomorrow morning I am just going to get into my car and start living in California. Wahoo!

The future is coming; I've got to catch it if I can!

I'll be tweeting my way across Nevada and all the way to my destination. Granted, this is mostly so that my family can keep track of me, but if you feel so inclined, follow me @alltyler.

Monterey, are you there?

I've been talking about moving for quite a few weeks. Long enough that you're probably ready for me to ACTUALLY move. Well, good news...this is officially the last week I will be living in Utah before the move! Next week will find me calm, cool, and collected in California.

My California cousins swung by my school down there, and they assure me that it is located quite close to the beach. Beaches, actually. With ocean, aquarium, and tide pools by the score! I will be living in a little room built onto the side of a very nice lady's house. The room is furnished, which is a blessing. These furnishings include a queen-size bed, toilet, sink, small refrigerator, microwave, closet and dresser. There is also a private entrance, which will be nice. Technically, I haven't seen any of these things with my own eyes, so I will have to let you know how things really are once I arrive. I'm a little wary of the fact that the toilet is RIGHT next to the bed. At least I won't …

On clouds

I know this sounds strange, but lately I have been preoccupied with clouds. For no particular reason, I've found myself staring at them, amazed at their beauty. I did a 10-minute free write about clouds, and here's what came out!
Clouds change. They bring shade, coolness. They bring rain, snow, sleet, hail, water. They bring life.

Nearer to the ground they conceal. They deceive. They frighten.

Full of majesty they billow. Full of darkness they rage. Full of light they inspire.

They are an annoyance, a blessing. They taunt the thirsty desert. They saturate the soggy valleys.

They excite imagination or reveal the lack thereof.

They come from nowhere.

They vanish with a gust of wind.

They paint the sky with life.

They intimidate.

They block light, they filter it, reflect it, frame it.

They stifle cheeriness. They burn like fire!

Fast Sunday

Today was Fast Sunday. For members of the LDS faith, the first Sunday of the month (today) is a little bit different. We go without food for 24 hours and contribute the money we would have spent on that food to the poor. We call this monthly occurrence Fast Sunday because of the fast and the offerings in which we participate. There is no greater feeling than to contribute to the well being of others.

Another special part of Fast Sunday takes place in our church service. Each Fast Sunday, members of the congregation are invited to come forward (if they feel so inclined) and to share their feelings and convictions about the Savior Jesus Christ, the scriptures, the restoration of the gospel, etc. This part of our service is called Testimony Meeting because it gives people an opportunity to testify to others of their personal relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

Whenever I take the opportunity to fast and contribute to the poor, I feel a great sense of satisfaction. I perso…