Fast Sunday

Today was Fast Sunday. For members of the LDS faith, the first Sunday of the month (today) is a little bit different. We go without food for 24 hours and contribute the money we would have spent on that food to the poor. We call this monthly occurrence Fast Sunday because of the fast and the offerings in which we participate. There is no greater feeling than to contribute to the well being of others.

Another special part of Fast Sunday takes place in our church service. Each Fast Sunday, members of the congregation are invited to come forward (if they feel so inclined) and to share their feelings and convictions about the Savior Jesus Christ, the scriptures, the restoration of the gospel, etc. This part of our service is called Testimony Meeting because it gives people an opportunity to testify to others of their personal relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

Whenever I take the opportunity to fast and contribute to the poor, I feel a great sense of satisfaction. I personally feel closer to the Savior on Fast Sundays than at other times. I don't always testify in church, but today I did. I felt the calm assurance of the Holy Ghost as I shared my personal conviction that God is my Father in Heaven, Jesus Christ is my Savior, and that they both love me and want me to succeed in this live by following their commandments and serving and loving others.


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