On clouds

I know this sounds strange, but lately I have been preoccupied with clouds. For no particular reason, I've found myself staring at them, amazed at their beauty. I did a 10-minute free write about clouds, and here's what came out!
Clouds change. They bring shade, coolness. They bring rain, snow, sleet, hail, water. They bring life.

Nearer to the ground they conceal. They deceive. They frighten.

Full of majesty they billow. Full of darkness they rage. Full of light they inspire.

They are an annoyance, a blessing. They taunt the thirsty desert. They saturate the soggy valleys.

They excite imagination or reveal the lack thereof.

They come from nowhere.

They vanish with a gust of wind.

They paint the sky with life.

They intimidate.

They block light, they filter it, reflect it, frame it.

They stifle cheeriness. They burn like fire!


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