Top of a roller coaster

You know this feeling?

That is what I'm feeling. Right now. Tomorrow is the big day--the day I leave the place I've lived my whole life (except those two years in Russia).

When it comes to roller coasters, I'm a screamer. There is no greater feeling than to scream your guts out as you hurtle down a drop that has your stomach coming out of your eyeballs. Now THAT is what I call enjoying life.

So I'm taking the same approach with this life changing move. I am SO excited that I can hardly stand it. Basically, tomorrow morning I am just going to get into my car and start living in California. Wahoo!

The future is coming; I've got to catch it if I can!

I'll be tweeting my way across Nevada and all the way to my destination. Granted, this is mostly so that my family can keep track of me, but if you feel so inclined, follow me @alltyler.


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