I want a family!

Ok, so I've always thought I would get around to having a family--I've always wanted to settle down with a lovely wife and enjoy (parents, stop laughing) raising some kids. But tonight, at a rather late hour, I was watching this video, and I felt stronger than ever before that I want the experiences that come from working to create a family.

The father in the video says, "I try to help THEM have the life THEY want to have, and that makes me happy."

Isn't that what it's all about?


How badly do I want it?

Let's put it this way...as I ponder my life, I consider my accomplishments and endeavors. Education? Check. Ability to find work? Check. Incredible amount of adventures? Check. But for what? What's the point of all this? You could argue lots of things, but I feel deep down in my heart that all of these experiences are designed to help me fulfill my ultimate purpose, which is to participate in all of the joys, hardships, trials, triumphs, and failures that constitute life as a family.

I'm not really sure why these feelings about family have been so long in coming to my heart. I don't think it really matters; it's just exciting that they are coming!

Now, the obligatory topic (since I'm still single, thus not in the position to begin a family say, tomorrow). Yes, dating. Well, part of tonight's epiphany was that this new attitude I am developing actually makes dating, dare I say it, easier! If you want to find out why, ask me personally...it's too complicated and nebulous to articulate in writing at this point. Well, ok, I'll try, but just a little. Basically, my dating paradigm is shifting from "finding the perfect match" to "finding someone that (a) I like a lot and (b) someone who is going to make a good family building partner." That's the reader's digest version.

Ah, the glory of 1:30am epiphanies!


  1. "...someone who is going to make a good family building partner." I think that is so well put, and i think I understand the difference between a perfect match and a family building partner.

  2. Oh, and I love the play on words form your facebook post...Family...It's about time! I thought your were going to comment on a Church article about family LOL.

  3. Thanks for reading this! It's always a pleasant surprise to get such great comments. Yeah, I don't know how long it would take to find a perfect match...probably way too long if it's even possible at all! However, I think that there are plenty of awesome people that would be awesome to have a family with, though. Just got to find one that will like me back...haha!


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