I'm OK

Nothing can describe how I feel right now better than this song can.

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Periodically I need a good reminder that I am different than most people--and that's OK! It's so easy to get caught up in trying to conform. In reality, we are all different, and life is most beautiful when we accentuate our unique strengths and talents, likes and dislikes instead of trying to be like everybody else.

Consider the opening words to this song:

If I could stand beside myself would I see me or maybe someone else?
'Cause it's hard to please most everyone when your spirit's got you on the run.

If my answer to this question ever borders on, "I would see someone other than myself." it's time to reassert myself. (I like classical music, ok people? Deal with it!)

Also, I accidentally had this thought on the way home tonight, and I found it rather amusing. If I could observe myself interacting with people, I'm pretty sure I would annoy myself. Thank goodness I'll never have to find myself in that position!


  1. Yeah, I'm with you, in that I'd annoy myself. Great words. By the way, I fed your fish.

  2. Lol leaves me thinking about thursday night now, you did have alot of sugar ha ha :) And yes you are more then ok, who wants to be normal anyway ;)


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