Serenity now! You're invited.

This weekend is one I have looked forward to for quite some time. It is the weekend of General Conference! This Saturday and Sunday the building pictured below will be filled to capacity over and over again for a total of 5 sessions of this conference.

Interpreters take note, this conference will be interpreted into 92 languages as it is broadcast worldwide to millions of people! At the last conference, 52 teams worked directly from the Conference Center (Check out the wikipedia article about the building) in Salt Lake City while 39 teams interpreted from remote locations. The building itself is equipped with 58 booths for interpreting. This is truly a huge undertaking for the language teams that will be working at the conference. Here is an article about how they pulled it off last April.

But General Conference excites me for more reasons than the magnitude of its lingual technicalities. It is a time to get practical and spiritual counsel from the men and women whom the Lord has called to be prophets, apostles, and leaders in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The inspired counsel they give will enliven my spirit, help me rearrange my priorities, and feel the peace and comfort that comes from knowing that God still speaks to his children on Earth.

I want to invite all of my friends and family to participate in this great event. There are many ways to do so. You can stream it online here. Or, the preferred option is to come with me to watch it on TV this weekend. Lunch will be provided between sessions on both days (this is arguably one of the highlights).

PS: You might be wondering why I called this post "Serenity now." The fact of the matter is that the wonderful truths taught at this conference provide peace and understanding to any and all who hear and apply them. If you feel stressed, rushed, or like butter spread over too much toast, please come join me. Take a break from the business of life and nourish your spirit for a few hours. I promise the benefits will be instantly noticeable. Plus, there's free lunch (can I emphasize this enough?).


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