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Take a lesson from Fred

There is probably no better feeling in the world than lifting someone's spirits. Tonight my friends and I visited a care center in Monterey, where we chatted with and sang some songs for the residents. It was incredible to see their eyes light up when someone took an interest in their lives. You could see their happiness beaming as you listened to them talk, even if it didn't make any sense!

As I stayed in the room to pack up my violin, a man named Fred beckoned me over. He was the last resident in the room, and he was sitting alone at a table. He said, "Thank you for coming and lifting our spirits. That's what this life is all about. I'm 88 years old, and that's one thing I can tell you for sure--that's what this life is all about."

I thanked him for his kindness and told him, "I'll take that as wisdom from a wise, wise man!"

Fred is right.

Ocean walk

Today I went for a walk along the coast in Pacific Grove, CA. I took
my new camera along to start practicing my photography. I enjoyed
playing with the aperature and shutter speed. I still need to learn
more about ISO and how all three work together. Here are a few shots
from my walk.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

Learn as you go

It's late, and I should have been in bed long ago, but sometimes I just can't rest until I solve a problem. Today's problem had to do with getting this blog to show up under the address

For the longest time I could not find the appropriate settings with my domain registrar. Then, after a friend helped me with some other fancy Internet issues, I stumbled upon the solution completely by accident.

This just goes to show that there is something to be said for persistence and trying again. Sometimes if you come at a problem long enough from different angles, you can't help but find the solution.

And every time this happens, we gain experience and become just that much smarter.

Death--the destroyer of worlds

I wrote one of my final college papers on nuclear and ballistic missile policy. So of course I had to go see the film Countdown To Zero when I heard it would be playing at the international film festival in town.

Incidentally, it occurred to me tonight why I am still single. It must have something to do with the fact that I'd rather go to a film festival alone than hang out with friends... Oh, well. I saw three great documentaries and am perfectly satisfied with my evening.

You never know with documentaries, but this one turned out to be great. They had their facts right, and it was low on propaganda. The nice thing about nukes is that all you have to do to convince people that it's a good idea to get rid of them is present some facts about the results of using them. Example: upon detonation, everything with a 5-mile radius is absolutely and completely obliterated. Why? Because everything within that radius suddenly becomes hotter than the surface of the sun. You wouldn't …