The Gift

The gift to feel another’s pain
Is not a gift that brings you gain.
It’s not a gift that makes you glad.
If anything you feel quite sad,
While sitting there you listen well
As the person tells his tale
Of valiant struggles, dismal chances--
Overwhelming circumstances.
The twists and turns and plots untold
Prick heart and soul as they unfold,
And soon you cannot bear to hear
More words from him whom you hold dear.
Your eyes tear up, your heart--it throbs,
And deep inside you feel a sob.
Perhaps the part that stings the most--
The part that haunts you like a ghost--
Is knowing that despite your care
And wishing for his load to share,
You cannot do a single thing,
But comfort and your friendship bring.
You cannot take the pain away.
You cannot choose to change his ways.
You feel you cannot change his chances--
His overwhelming circumstances.So why the gift--this chance to feel,
If not to alter human will?
If not to give him fighting chances--
And slightly alter circumstances?
You do the best with what you’re given.
You listen well by true love driven
In hopes that God in heaven above
Who looks on both of you with love
Will bless the soul whose pain you know
With something that will help him grow--
Desires to mend a broken heart,
Desires to make a brand new start,
Desires to see with open eyes
The bright, warm glow of friendlier skies.


  1. Really excellent poem. That's real talent to write like that. And I totally relate to this struggle, however I find that it can bring happiness, just not the usual happiness. It's a kind of deeper, spiritual happiness that comes from understanding and empathy between two people. And also I think just that is comforting enough to help the person even if there's nothing you can really do.


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