Study it out

Decisions. Big ones. Small ones. Insignificant ones. Defining ones.

I've experienced a lot of change lately. Moves, new classes, switching wards, new friends, new feelings, and the like. In the rush of it all, some pretty big decisions have come down the pipeline. I'm not one to pass by an opportunity, so I usually lunge at anything that looks good. For example, I was recently admitted to the MBA program at my school. As I ponder my reasoning for applying in the first place, along with the additional expenses and time it would require to follow through with this course of action, I've learned about the decision making process.

In a way, it's good to take advantage of opportunities when they come. After all, they are not lengthy visitors. I tend to work helter skelter to snatch them up, realize after some time that I've bitten off too much, then find a reasonable compromise or drop them altogether. Now that I've discovered this about myself, hopefully I can make decisions more efficiently in the future.

Part of studying out a decision, for me, is thinking aloud. I find it essential to get feedback from family and trusted friends and to weigh their opinions and insights against my own thoughts and desires.

Here are some of my thoughts about this particular decision (I'm currently in the "study it out" part of the process):

Pros of adding an MBA:
  • Let's face it, paychecks will be bigger in the long run.

  • Future opportunities to move into higher management positions.

  • More education in the business department.
  • $30,000+ more student loans. (No, thank you!)

  • At least one more semester of school.

  • Undue stress
Over recent weeks, I've vacillated all the way from dead set on getting an MBA to not wanting one at all. As I write this, it seems to me that either way is good. However, I have the feeling that the time and money won't be worth it for something that won't really help me achieve the most important goals in my life. Time for some more pondering and good old fashioned prayer.


  1. Decisions are hard, but I'm sure you'll figure it out.


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