Where in the world?

A good friend of mine just returned from a 6 month stay in Taiwan. As she showed me her pictures and told me a little bit about her experiences, I was reminded just how awesome the world is. Taiwan seems so far away and so foreign, but it was clear from her pictures and stories that people are people no matter where they are. Cultures differ, but we all have so much in common. I hope the future holds many opportunities to travel and see a little bit more of this amazing planet and the people who inhabit it.

If I could travel to three countries, I would choose Russia, France, and Africa. Yes, I am aware that Africa is a continent, not a country, but I haven't decided which part of Africa to visit yet.

Russia - Why Russia? Well, I lived there for two years, and that was a mind-blowing experience. However, I lived in a part of Russia so remote that most people don't realize it exists. Vladivostok. Having gained an appreciation for the history, culture, and people of Russia, I want to visit the western part--Moscow, St. Petersburg, etc.--and see the places I've studied. I also love the idea of traveling in a country where I speak the language of the people.

France - I took French in high school, but you have to understand that my French teacher was amazing. Not only did she help me fall in love with the language, but she cared about her students and somehow got me excited about the prospect of going there. This probably wasn't too difficult. All she really had to do was mention the amazing cheeses that can be found there. Sure, I'd love to see the Eiffel Tower and all, but I'd honestly be satisfied with staying in a country cottage and eating baguettes and cheese every day. I'm really optimistic about my chances for going to France. My brother is currently living there as a missionary, and I plan on going there with him someday and having him show me around.

Africa - Yes, Russia is wild because it's inhabited by Russians, but Africa (at least in my mind) is the ultimate wild place to visit. Wild because of the wildlife, the wild politics, and the landscapes that are wildly different than anything I'm used to.


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