Why good people do bad things

Most people that I know in this world are good. I'm an optimist, so I'd venture to say that the majority of people everywhere are basically good. But lots of good people still do bad things. Sometimes really, really good people do really, really bad things. These actions are often called mistakes.

Today I was thinking about instances in which good people do bad things because they are sick and tired of everyone thinking they are so good. These actions are sometimes called rebellion. Rebellion is dangerous because the rebel is generally aware that his behavior is bad. In fact, that's the point.

Maybe you know a rebel. How can you help him? Probably, you can't. You see, rebellion often occurs because the potential rebel grows weary of people not worrying about him, which is good, but which he perceives as people not caring about him. The point of rebelling is to incite care.

Well, ok, so care about him. "Worry" about him. This won't work because he'll see it as you falling for his trick, which increases his pride and feeling of power over others, which leads to increased self-loathing and misery.

What about not caring--leaving him to his own devices? This also will not work because he will not receive the care he set out to incite in the first place. This validates his perception that no one cares about him. This type of scenario is often called a lose-lose situation.

This is one example of why good people do bad things.


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