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Evening walk

Orion sprawls across the sky
A distant car drones lonely by
The scrape of pavement under feet
I walk the quiet, dark, still street


Tale as old as time
Tune as old as song
Bittersweet and strange finding you can change
Learning you were wrong

Good ol' Disney seems to have a musical moment for every occasion. This snippet from Beauty and the Beast lept into my thoughts late tonight. Change is such a difficult topic for me. Oh, sure, I advocate change, but that word seems so ambiguous. I guess what I really advocate is improvement--change for the better.

Sometimes being excited about improvement is easy. I want to study harder, work more efficiently, and spend my time more wisely.

Sometimes being excited about improvement is hard. Like when it concerns deeply personal convictions, beliefs, or even ways of experiencing life. If you're stubborn like I am, you might be able to relate to those words and introspective questions.

Improving yourself requires making difficult decisions. Improving yourself requires learning you were wrong. Improving yourself requires leaving areas of comfort. It's bittersweet. It&…
School is great. It teaches you way more about life than it does about school stuff. And that's the real value of an education.

Spring is coming

Let's face it, winter in Monterey is relatively paradisiacal. That said, today's exceptionally wonderful weather surprised me.

Spring was in the air, that's for sure. It was a little bit warmer, and the breeze felt like Spring. You know the kind of breeze I'm talking about? It's a mix of cool and warm air, and it's a little feisty.