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Waiting for Waves


The Past

The past is a funny thing. Sometimes I want to forget it ever happened. Sometimes I want nothing more than to return to it.

Street lamp light

Tonight's overcast sky and warm temperature made it hard to pass up
the opportunity to shoot some photos. I am still learning a lot about
how to shoot in low light.

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Day at the Dump

Field trip! I can't remember the last time I got to go on a field trip for class, but today we did. What class, you ask? Translation. Recently, we've been working on a translation about waste disposal in Russia. Sounds boring...which might be why our professor decided to take us to see a land fill up close and personal.

Like many of you, I've been to the dump to drop stuff off, but I've never really seen what happens after that.

First, we suited up.

Then, we drove over to the sorting facility.

Pretty cool stuff. But out of all the amazing features and technologies we saw at the dump, my favorite was the falcons. What? Falcons.

I am not making this up. Apparently, one of the major problems this particular dump faces is seagulls. Yes, most dumps have bird problems. But this dump is surrounded by farm land. And farmers were mad that garbage-ridden trash birds were flying over and contaminating their crops. Let me introduce you to Leo the falconer.

This is Leo. His job i…

Running and Oatmeal

A couple of days ago, this happened:

Who would have thought so many would stand up in defense of oatmeal. Oatmeal and running are two things I don't like very much, but that I'm trying to make a bigger part of my life. I'm in my second week of running consistently twice per week. It's not much, but it's definitely more than the random run once or twice a month that I've been doing.

In both cases, the answer of how to like them is "Just do it." Just eat the oatmeal, just get out the door to run, and all will be well. Eventually. Right?

What do Mormons care about?

Wordle from the 181st General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


Saturday Morning LDS Conference

I couldn't help myself. As I watched LDS General Conference this morning, I was monitoring online trends out of the corner of my eye. Turns out "lds" made it into the #1 spot on Google's Hot Topics list. Also, I saw it reach as high as the #4 spot on Twitter trends. I think this is great news because it means exposure for the church. The more exposure the church receives, the more people will understand it. The more exposure the church receives, the more likely people looking for truth will find it. Here are some thoughts that stuck out to me during this morning's session:
The New Testament is the centerpiece of scriptural history.The Sabbath day is sacred. I must honor and cherish it to experience its spiritual blessings throughout the week.Children are a key to helping us become like Jesus. They are often the first to love and the first to forgive.Those who are greatest in the Lord’s kingdom are those who look for opportunities to serve others.Pain is a gauge …