Saturday Morning LDS Conference

I couldn't help myself. As I watched LDS General Conference this morning, I was monitoring online trends out of the corner of my eye. Turns out "lds" made it into the #1 spot on Google's Hot Topics list. Also, I saw it reach as high as the #4 spot on Twitter trends. I think this is great news because it means exposure for the church. The more exposure the church receives, the more people will understand it. The more exposure the church receives, the more likely people looking for truth will find it. Here are some thoughts that stuck out to me during this morning's session:
  • The New Testament is the centerpiece of scriptural history.
  • The Sabbath day is sacred. I must honor and cherish it to experience its spiritual blessings throughout the week.
  • Children are a key to helping us become like Jesus. They are often the first to love and the first to forgive.
  • Those who are greatest in the Lord’s kingdom are those who look for opportunities to serve others.
  • Pain is a gauge of the healing process. It teaches us patience.
  • We all encounter enough pain to make us aware of our need for the Savior’s help.
  • Sometimes we are healed by receiving strength to bear the burdens placed upon us.
  • We love and honor our LDS women. They are so important to the Lord.
  • Because God feels our compassion for others, He's given us a way to serve others. The law of consecration. In our time - the church welfare program.
  • Feelings of sympathy are from the Lord. They are a call to serve!


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