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Conviction. Do you have it?

Typography from Ronnie Bruce on Vimeo.
The words you use make you weak. Think about it.

This video, which I first saw on @snay2's blog, has caused me to reflect on the way I use language. I often use "softening" words and phrases in order to avoid offense. This habit, born of good intentions, has the side effect of devaluing my own opinion, and it causes me to appear weak in my convictions. I do not like this. And nothing has brought this flaw more clearly into focus than the feelings I experienced while watching this video. I plead guilty to every idiosyncrasy satirized therein.
In a world of push-button publishing, well formed thoughts and carefully constructed arguments become all the more rare. Healthy dialog degrades into ill-spirited bickering. We fall into this trap far too easily. I certainly don't pretend that I can change the way people communicate--I lack both the energy and the influence. I believe, however, that I can elevate myself by using respectful a…