Which matters matter?

I've been wrestling lately to understand what really matters to me. At times I've felt as if nothing matters at all! I remembered seeing this video a while back, and I searched it out to see what it could teach me.

At the end of the day, what matters most to me are my relationships with family and other people. Family is permanent. The way I treat them and others defines who I am.

I have possessions that I value a lot. I take good care of my computer because I paid a lot for it and it's an important tool. I value my collection of Star Wars actions figures because I worked hard to save up for each one of them as a kid. Each of these possessions may have played an important role in helping me learn to work or to be a wise steward, but the items have no lasting value in and of themselves. 

So what does?

Help me out here. Family? Friends? Certainly none of my possessions, since none of them to date have brought me more than fleeting pleasure or satisfaction.


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