5 reasons to watch General Conference if you're not Mormon

No matter who you are, General Conference has something for you. Trust me.

1. MoTabThe Mormon Tabernacle Choir is famous the world over for its inspirational performances. The choir provides music for most sessions of the conference. Enjoy their music and watch them perform in the beautiful conference center standing in front of an impressive organ. ← Click this. No, seriously.

2. Understand Mormons - Think about it...twice a year the leaders of a worldwide faith gather to instruct believers. What does the Mormon prophet teach 14 million members of the church? There's only one way to find out!

3. Linguistic Miracle - General Conference is a logistical miracle. Five two-hour sessions are broadcast live in over 90 languages! That's crazy! Check out the fact sheet

4. Uplift Yourself - Let's face it, things in the world seem to be getting more difficult, from the economy the international tensions to natural disasters. Listen to inspirational messages that bring hope for a better life. Sure, wars will rage on, the economy will tank repeatedly, and evil people will continue to cause problems, but speakers at this conference teach you how to find peace for yourself and your loved ones. 

5. Feel the Love - As with all things uplifting and edifying, you will feel good when you listen to the messages of General Conference. You will feel selfishness melt away and be replaced by care for others. You will feel the joy that comes from better understanding yourself. And if you open your heart, you will feel God's love for you. And nothing beats that. 

April 6-7. See you there!

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Watch live: conference.lds.org



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