On faith: Throwing up

Personal journal entry from June 1998
Age: 12

About five minutes after I walked out the door to collect fast offerings, I started to get a little queasy. Soon after that I got this really bad pounding headache. The second I got home I went right up to my bedroom. It was my first migraine headache. I figured that if I got to sleep and had a nap that I would end up feeling better. I was just about to sleep when my stomach started to hurt really bad. It is impossible to go to sleep with a stomach ache, especially if it is accompanied with a very bad headache. I got down on my knees and prayed for my headache and my stomach ache to go away. A few minutes later I threw up. After this my stomach did not hurt and I was able to go to sleep. I had a good long nap and when I woke up I was feeling a whole lot better. I didn’t recognize this until later, but my throwing up was a good thing because after I threw up I was able to go to sleep. I also think that Heavenly Father helped me to throw up so that I could go to sleep and my headache could go away. I learned that blessings don’t always have to be good things. (It was even a blessing to throw up.) They may come in disguise, but they always turn out somehow. This is the first spiritual thing that I can ever remember happening to me.
by Tyler Smith


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