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Luck and following through

Today I read this lengthy article +Tevya Washburn shared about survivorship bias. Tevya's share made me think it might be a dainty article about how to develop good luck, but it turned out to be one of those pieces that makes you work to understand it. Most things worth learning require mental energy, though, and I'm glad I pushed through to the end. Guess what. I have good luck. Now I know why.
It's not that I'm particularly smart or talented or that more of my endeavors succeed than those of the average person. It's simply that I have Opportunity ADD. I find it hard to watch opportunities float by, so I reach out and take as many of them as I can. Naturally, this aspect of my personality comes with consequences, good and bad. 
The good
To put it crudely, if you try a billion things, at least a few of them will work out. My curiosity and inability to pass by an opportunity have produced some interesting outcomes that range from visiting 38 states (most of which f…

Don't plan on it

Everyone interested in self-improvement knows that breaking a habit can be just as hard as creating a new one. It's true! Quitting behavior like biting your fingernails, checking your phone during dinner, drinking alcohol, or viewing pornography presents one of life's greatest challenges. How do you stop?
As I work to ditch habits I feel impede my personal progress, I find myself repeating the same thought after a relapse: "I'm not planning to slip up again." But in many cases I do...over and over. You know the feeling--frustration!
I may be splitting hairs here, but I think there's a big difference between not planning to do something again and planning to not do something again.
What's the difference? In version one you don't do any planning. In version two, you do. Call it semantics, call it deductive logic, call it's an important difference! 
If I don't plan on doing something, that doesn't preclude me doing it again. It…