Eleven reasons why they will never hire you

A few months before I graduated from college, I began applying for jobs at an astonishing rate. I wrote so many cover letters and created so many customized resumes that I began to question my true identity! After all that effort I managed to land a job working at a call center for a multi-level marketing company (oh, sorry, "direct marketing"). For those of you blessed enough to be unfamiliar with such jobs, I will tell you that it was a $10/hr dead end.

Now, click through these slides and perform a short self-evaluation.

It took me until the middle of my first year of graduate school to internalize these principles. When I began to apply them, doors started opening faster than I could peek through and see what waited inside.

So to all you college students preparing to graduate in the next few years, take time out of your studies to practice doing the real work at hand. As you develop the skills you need for your chosen profession, remember that you need these skills, too.
by Tyler Smith


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