For the fun of it

Just last night I had a conversation with my roommate +Jory Woodis. I had been experimenting with how I might make content for YouTube and come to the realization that it's just not possible to be good at everything.

"Why make a video no one will watch? Why write a blog post no one will read? Why take pictures if I'll never be a professional photographer?" I complained.

"Aren't we at a time in our lives when we can do things just because we like doing them?" 

He had a point. 

Today I participated in a discussion about how to best use Google+. +Tonia Addison-Hall made a great comment. "I'm not here to attract people by doing what they want. If they like me, they'll add me. If not, no biggie."

She had a point.

I have a career and enjoy my job. I don't need to make videos, blog posts, photographs, and music for money. I can do those things simply because I enjoy doing them. Those activities improve my talents and help me become a better person. And they are fun. And that's more important than analytics.

by Tyler Smith


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