Three things Mormons do not understand about their own doctrine

1. The Atonement of Jesus Christ

If you associate living the gospel with stress, self-loathing, shame, or perfection anxiety. If you think others must believe the way you do or be damned. If you think people who espouse other belief systems will be miserable in eternity. If you think the unrepentant will be miserable in eternity. If you think you deserve to hold a grudge. If you lose faith because of something another person has done.

2. The role of the Church

If you think the Church should teach you the gospel. If you think the Church should teach the gospel to your children. If you wait for Church leaders to tell you what to do. If you think the Church is responsible for your spiritual, emotional, or temporal welfare. If you expect the Church to not change. 

3. Repentance

If you think repentance is a five-step process. If you think you've arrived. If you think it's possible to arrive. If thinking that it's impossible to arrive makes you depressed (see number 1 above). If the thought of repenting does not fill you with joy. If you think you need repentance less than someone else.

by Tyler Smith


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