You are not alone

Maybe you feel marginalized. Maybe you feel alone in your challenges, in your thoughts, in your convictions. Maybe you wish someone else understood what you experience. Maybe disagreements with others make you feel negative or even angry.

Always remember that you are not alone. And neither is the other side.

Someone is on your side.
Someone else is not.
While we're seeing our side
Maybe we forgot
They are not alone.
No one is alone.

Remembering this will keep you happy. It will increase your respect for others. It will increase their respect for you. Other people value their formative life experiences just as much as you value your own. Rarely do we know what other people have been through. Even then, we can't understand how it affected them.

Remember, you will never get anywhere in resolving differences until you understand the other person's point of view so well that it makes good sense to you why they think what they do.

No one says it better than Stephen Sondheim in Into the Woods.

by Tyler Smith


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