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Nobody cares because nobody knows

If you have ever tried to get a new blog off the ground or increase your following on a social network, you know how hard it can be. You figure, "I'll just produce great content, and people will flock to me!" It's the if-you-build-it-they-will-come principle. And to some tiny extent, it's true. But there is one cold, hard fact of the digital social world that is difficult to understand at first.
Nobody cares about your content because nobody knows who you are.
This is true for me, this is true for you, this is true for the biggest of social media powerhouses. Before those powerhouses became who they are today, nobody cared about their content because nobody knew who they were, either. 

As a member of +The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints striving to share the gospel online you are at an additional disadvantage. Think of your predicament this way: Nobody cares about your content because nobody knows who you are, and especially because you are sharing c…

Questions for those who share the gospel online

Why do you share the gospel online?
Who is your target audience? 
What is your motivation for increasing your reach?
How do you focus on the one?
How often do you share content created by others?
As we ask ourselves these questions, I believe we will be able to set specific goals for ourselves when it comes to sharing the gospel online. For a long time, all I wanted was more followers. Then I realized that I don't care about followers, I care about creating content non-members can relate to. My strategy adjusts regularly, but it's important to remember that setting specific goals and then creating a plan to achieve them will greatly increase our efficacy online. 
Future posts will focus on applying the principles of goal setting and planning to our online missionary work.
by Tyler Smith