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Four reasons I want to get married

1. I want to create something new A new relationship, a new family, a new social unit, a new dynamic. New children, new experiences, new memories, new challenges.
2. I want to change the world  I believe that working to develop a stable, self-sufficient, nuclear family is the best way to impact my community, my country, and the world. I see the good that has come from my grandparents' posterity in only two generations, and I am amazed at the ability of families to change the world over time. We see it for the better and for the worse all around us. I hope my family will bring change for the better.
3. I want to deepen my humanity  Men and women are different. I believe both genders offer different lenses through which to view the human experience. I want to experience the whole spectrum of humanity in a way that is only possible through a combination of the masculine and feminine in the context of an equal partnership.
4.  I want to practice active love  I imagine this is the hardest…