A hard look at love

Much has been said about love. From spiritual texts to conversations with roommates to messages from Miley Cyrus, everyone seems to have an opinion built on personal experience. Honestly, it gets confusing. Is love a complete sacrifice of self as argued in Seth Smith's recently popular article, or is it something we're just a sucker for like the Biebs?

While enduring yet another conversation along these lines during Sunday School this weekend, I became pretty frustrated. A thought popped into my head, and I jotted it down.

To love = to choose
To love = to make a priority

Well, that might sound unromantic. That's fine with me. This definition works for people, things, hobbies...anything. What I love, I choose to do, by definition. What I love more, I prioritize above what I love less. 

Thinking about love this way scared me when I applied it to myself. Some of the activities and people that I love by this definition are not, shall I say, ideal.
by Tyler Smith


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