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Agreeing to disagree - a precious gift

The importance of choosing your friends with care cannot be overstated considering the massive effect they have on who you will become. One characteristic I value in people I choose to befriend is the ability to disagree without being disagreeable.
A friend wrote the following during a discussion we had about gay marriage: "People (and organizations) have different views on important issues, and in my view that's how our society should work. In the end society grows from a diversity of views. Sometimes that growth will be something we agree with, sometimes not.  "Empathy is an important characteristic to me. ... If a religious person is intolerant of my lifestyle, or someone in the gay community is intolerant of your lifestyle, well, obviously they're not a friend or someone to be around. I've previously shared that, without exception, all of my many experiences with my Mormon friends and coworkers have been entirely positive. Perhaps because I go out of my way …