Take my money, YouTube


I used to to swear I would never give Google my money. I'd simply freeload until the day I die. "Freeload" in exchange for all the data they could care to collect about me, that is. That stopped as soon as their app store started getting good apps. Here and there I'd pick up something for $0.99. "But nothing else!" Ha. It wasn't long before I was paying for extra storage. Then it was their eBook store. Then Google Fiber. Now this...

Where do I go for all of my video needs? YouTube. So when I wanted to watch the trailer for one of my favorite movies, Everything Is Illuminated, I was surprised to see the movie itself as the third result. And for $1.99 I could watch it right then and there. Right on YouTube. Of course, this is part of the Google Play store, which seems to use YouTube's backbone to deliver its video content. But placing it right in the place where I am constantly searching for videos? Genius. 

I think it's time to stop lying to myself. I love the things Google makes. I love how insanely great (to borrow a phrase) and convenient they make my life. And I have no problem paying for them. They win. 

In other news, they are out to acquire the company that makes the thermostat in my house. Which, incidentally, is connected to the internet. I have no doubt that sometime in the near future, my front door will automatically unlock as I approach it after a long day at work. I'll walk into my front room and say something like, "OK, Google, set the temperature to 72 degrees and queue up [that movie I've been wanting to watch]." 

More than likely, though, my house will know I'm 5 miles from home, automatically turn the thermostat to my favorite temperature in anticipation of my arrival, and have a movie suggestion based on the things I've been searching for recently waiting on the screen. I might just have to walk in the door and say, "Play."

by Tyler Smith


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