Amazement and confusion

The internet continuously amazes and confuses me. Seriously, it amazes me so much. My roommate and I went shopping with his mother recently. We wanted to know the dimensions of a California king size bed. My roommate pulled out his phone and asked Google Now. We expected a list of search results that we'd have to sift through to find the answer, but we got this instead...

This is just one example of how the internet blows my mind on a daily bases. But why does it confuse me?

It's so big. So vast. So comprehensive. So niche. So useful. All at once! There are opportunities to be had at every turn. Learning. Entertainment. Recreation. Collaboration. Communication. The internet fulfills the wildest dreams of anyone interested in self-improvement. I honestly feel like Irina Spalko in the fourth Indiana Jones movie--the Russian lady who wants to learn everything the alien race knows, but ends up getting her mind melted by the sheer enormity of it all. 

"I want to know everything!" - Irina Spalko

The internet confuses me because I want to understand where and how I fit into it. I have some social media profiles. I blog for fun. But it's all quite meaningless when considered against the hugeness that is the internet. And maybe that's OK. Some of the most useful material I have ever found online comes from obscure blogs that don't get read much. Just another person in the vast interwebz who happened to be wondering the same thing I was wondering, posted about it, and came in handy much later when I was searching for that specific bit of information.

Perhaps that's the miracle of the web. There really is something for everyone. The internet allows people to find exactly that which interests them particularly.
by Tyler Smith


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