Cooking and push ups

Of all the habits I have been working to develop lately, two have come easier than most. Cooking my own meals and doing push ups. Both of these come as a surprise to me because they sound like things that I would fail to do no matter how much effort I put into them. 

I cook dinner about four nights a week, and I always make enough for lunch the next day. Let me clarify what I mean by the term "cook." 

For a meal to count as "cooked," it must come from basic ingredients and be brought into existence by me as I follow a recipe. I include that last requirement because I am quite used to preparing meals. It's just that most of them include three things, two of which are usually a tortilla and cheese. If I'm using a recipe, that means that I am making something I don't know how to make. This is good news. It means that the end result will generally consist of something more sophisticated than a bean burrito or a sandwich. 

Push ups. I hate them. But I hate them a little bit...less...than I used to. Regimen makes all the difference. When it comes to exercise of any kind, especially running, I make the mistake of trying to do too much too fast. This results in exhaustion and a general distaste for the activity. So I'm taking the push up thing slowly. When I say slowly, I mean really, really slowly. Yesterday, for example, I did three sets of three push ups. Basically nothing, I know. But it's more than I started with a month ago--one set of one push up! The goal is 30 well-formed push ups to a set. It might be taking me forever, but I'm getting there, and I'm enjoying it. Incremental progress. It's a thing. 
by Tyler Smith


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