Lost and found

What's the craziest thing you've ever forgotten you had? 

I have a lot of quirks, but my tendency to hide things from myself and forget about them probably ranks among the more interesting ones. I think I did this subconsciously for a long time. A $20 bill here. A Taco Bell gift card there. But then I found a bank account with $4,000 in it that I had completely forgotten about for two years. True story. Ask me about it sometime.

Not only was that one of the more exciting days in my life, but it was also the day I realized that I seem to have a powerful instinct to plan for a rainy day. 

Today I had a much less lucrative find, but still an interesting one. An old blog with posts that go back as far as September, 2009. It was fun to read stuff from my old, forgotten self. But there's more! In the sidebar I found a link to yet another blog I had forgotten about! I think I'll scour them for decent posts and import anything worthwhile here. 

It's true what they say, kids. What you post on the internet stays there forever. Except for, apparently, an old Russian blog (also re-discovered today) that I must have deleted.

by Tyler Smith


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