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Words that saved me

A bad year
2013 was not really my year. This is sad because I've always liked the number 13, despite its association with bad luck. I guess I got what I deserved! Don't get me wrong, 2013 brought with it much good into my life. Professionally, socially, internet-ally, and otherwise. But we all have experiences and circumstances hidden from public view that deeply affect our spiritual and emotional well being, as well as our sense of happiness and peace. Last year I noticed a pattern in my life of difficult circumstances, bad decisions, consequences, change of heart, and healing. What follows is a description of my journey through that pattern, along with words that saved me as I let them influence my mind and heart.
Difficult circumstances
Each of us has a burden we wish we didn't. All of us nurse some kind of hidden hurt or confusion. Most of the time it doesn't bother us enough to cause issues, but sometimes our weakness wins and we lose control. For a moment or a month…