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Vulnerability in prayer

1:30 AM on a recent morning found me where I hadn't expected to land--at the gate of the Provo temple, staring up at the lighted edifice. It was quiet. Just me and the crickets. And the sprinklers.

The desire to commune with God had drawn me there, to the steps of his house. It didn't stay quiet for long. Finding myself alone, I opened my mouth and began to address God openly. I found myself walking along the sidewalk in front of the temple, speaking my mind and gesticulating here and there to emphasize a point or express an emotion more deeply. Occasionally I stretched my arms toward the heavens, as if pleading with God to hear me--knowing that He did.

Anyone observing from a distance might have thought to call the police to remove a crazy man from the street.

I enjoy praying to God, but the majority of my prayers fall toward the "trite" or "overly brief" or "well-meant, but poorly executed" end of the spectrum. This prayer was much different.

I spok…