Elevator Muse-ik

A collection of sayings heard on elevators that really just never needed to be said

You think that saying something will make your short stint in the lift a little less awkward, but it just won't. You'll force other tired people to muster enough energy for a polite, fake laugh, but trust me, they were happier just looking at their phone or reading the inspirational quote on the wall or just being quiet.

  1. You having a party in here without us?

  2. It must be lunch time.

  3. It must be quitting time.

  4. It's just that time.

  5. Another milk run...

  6. When we get to 15 we'll have to activate the lazy susan.

  7. I'm in somebody's way, I can tell.

  8. Have you ever seen Miss Congeniality? Yes. Multiple times. It's amazing. Why?


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