Exploring Memory Grove Park

After work I took a little walk to explore my new surroundings. I got a kick out of the last item on the "History of Memory Grove Park" sign. Prior to 1999, the park has a pretty normal and boring history. Then, out of nowhere... "Tornado rips through the park ... destroying or damaging hundreds of trees ..." Wow! The drama!

How many tornadoes have been seen or heard of in Utah? I had to learn more about this.

According to the National Weather Service of Utah, Utah experiences about two "tornadoes" per year. But only once in every 7 years does one of them reach the F2 category. The "Great tornado of 1999" was one such F2 tornado. You can see footage of it here. Hmm, I don't know about you, but this video more accurately depicts the images that come to mind when I hear the word tornado. (Warning: You may want to mute your volume to protect your ears from the expletives that understandably accompany observing this kind of storm.)


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