How I resolved a blogging crisis - one year later

A year ago I was really struggling to figure out why on Earth I even bother keeping a blog. Recently, I've been struggling just as much.

Then, somehow, I came across this post from almost exactly a year ago. Forgive the awkward picture of my face.

[googleplus url=]

Moral of the story? I need to stop thinking so much. In the words of my past self, who was apparently a good deal wiser than my current self (a troubling trend...):
I blog for fun. For personal enjoyment and self-improvement. But I also blog because I love people. I am obsessed with sharing what I have learned in hopes that you can find something uplifting or useful for yourself.
So yeah. It's time for me to enjoy blogging again. While it's true I've learned loads about keyword research, niche blogging, email newsletters, optimization, monetization, blah, blah, blah, the fact of the matter is that I just don't care about any of that stuff. It's stolen the joy of blogging from my heart, and I need that joy back.

So get ready for a whole bunch of random junk. Random junk that I hope someone will find uplifting or useful from time to time.


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