How I made 20 healthy dinners

Turns out it's a lot easier (and therefor more likely to happen) to make a bunch of healthy dinners at once than it is to cook for one person every night.

The cost of the food ended up to be about $3/meal. That's a lot less than I'm used to spending on dinner. It took me about 3 hours (9 minutes per meal), but I had some "learning experiences" that would drastically cut down on that time if I did this again. For example, now I know about how much rice to make (I had to do multiple batches to get this right.) I really hope I do this again.

Here's what I used:

Plastic trays (Amazon - these are the ones I got, but there are lots to choose from)

Salmon fillet
Rotisserie chicken
Frozen mixed vegetables
Fresh brussels sprouts
Frozen green beans
Wild rice/quinoa blend

And here is the result:

These keep well in the freezer. Once I've used 5 or so of them, I can make a batch of something new to replenish and mix it up a bit. 
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